Hallo Moabit: Four Questions for... Lucas Dill

We ask Moabiters from all walks of life what their neighbourhood means to them. Lucas Dill harkens from São Paulo in Brazil, and has been living in Moabit since 2019. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions to gather some juicy details about what makes the neighbourhood so special to him.

What made you choose to live in Moabit?

I was living in Prenzlauer Berg, and I wanted to get out of that neighbourhood. I started looking for places in Kreuzberg and Neukölln but found nothing good, so when an available, nice flat came up in Moabit, I took it. I didn't purposefully choose Moabit, but I quickly realised it was actually nice. Noone wakes up one morning and says "Oh, I really want to live in Moabit." You learn to love it.

What's something that surprised you about Moabit?

I was happily surprised to see Moabit wasn't a sh*thole. There are beautiful streets like Stephanstrasse where the buildings have been well preserved, and you get a real look at how Berlin looked like before the war and the bombings. On top of that, it's really central - like, it's only two stops away from Schönhauser Allee in Prenzlauer Berg.

What's your favourite spot in Moabit, and why?

Grüne Meile, or Green Mile. It's right on the Spree river so you can sit by the water, have a beer, there are lots of young people hanging out, people playing music, and it's right by a historical building, Bellevue Schloss. How many people get to say they can chill right by the President's house?

Describe Moabit in one word.


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