Hallo Moabit: Four Questions for... Fabienne Lang

We ask Moabiters from all walks of life what their neighbourhood means to them. Our very own Fabienne Lang harkens from Hong Kong via Scotland and Mauritius, and has been living in Moabit since 2019. We caught up with her to ask her a few questions to gather some juicy details about what makes the neighbourhood so special to her.

What made you choose to live in Moabit?

I was looking all around Berlin for a flat, and ended up finding a sub-let flat here. After a few months, I needed somewhere more permanent, and ended up moving into the flat directly next door to my sub-let! I'd learnt to like Moabit, and the flat was so much more affordable than in other neighbourhoods, it was really nicely renovated, and I already had a good relationship with the landlord from my previous sub-let. It was an easy decision.

What's something that surprised you about Moabit?

All the delightful and understated bars, cafés, and restaurants. They're dotted all over Moabit, so you have to know where to look for them, but once you do, they're just as good - if not better - than in all the other "hipper" Berlin neighbourhoods. I'd also say the easy access to parks. We're surrounded by huge parks like Tiergarten, Rehberge (granted, it's actually in Wedding), Fritz-Schloss Park, and the green spots by the Spree.

What's your favourite spot in Moabit, and why?

Magnus-Hirschfeld Ufer. It's peaceful, right by the water, green, people jog, cycle, hang out here. There's ever a Biergarten at the end of it, and you can see both the TV Tower and the Victory Column peeping above the leafy trees of Tiergarten. It's idyllic.

Describe Moabit in one word.


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