The Moabit Chronicles


In Berlin, everyone knows about Kreuzberg, Mitte, and Prenzlauer Berg. But, have you heard about Moabit? 

We didn't think so. That's why we've created this site. We love our little Kiez but it doesn't have the best rep. Yet! 


"Moabit is boring"

- Everyone else in Berlin

You see now, we disagree with this statement. 

So much so that we set out to create The Moabit Chronicles - tales of history, prisons, love, loss, and most importantly, people. 

We bring you a true insight of what this largely misunderstood part of Berlin has to offer. From Moabit long-timers, to international newcomers - we're speaking with everyone. 

The Moabit Chronicles will help you learn about the neighbourhood's fascinating past, its exciting present, and future plans. You'll find out how this island, yes, it's an island, is one of the last-standing parts of Berlin to still be considered the real Berlin. 

We'll share these stories through bright images, bold footage, and beguiling words.

With all its quirks and irks Moabit isn't boring, you just don't know anything about it yet.


So without further ado: Welcome to our little slice of Berlin.

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Moabit is here

As you can tell from this illustration by Zoe O'Ferrall, there isn't a lot to "see" in Moabit. Aside from the Hamburger Bahnhof - which is smack bang on the far eastern border of the neighbourhood - there don't appear to be any of your must-see places in Berlin located here. 

Or so you thought...

Moabit is easily reachable by the U9, the Ringbahn or the S-Bahn Station Bellevue, buses, or Hauptbahnhof. See, we're accessible.

Discover Moabit

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From past to present

Moabit's past is tied tightly to its present. Here is a map of featuring the past and present - from 1928 Berlin to modern day. Just swipe to see how the city has changed. 

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